Anonymous: How do i send my hilarious Harry P-pic

You can post it on our blog page, right under the logo where it says submit :)

johnlockpotter-inthetardis: Are you still doing the Number Hunt thing?

… we are >< We’ve just been busy with our baby and family visiting and…forgetting… BUT we are bringing it back! We will still have all the clues up before Halloween and you will still be able to enter the contest for prizes. We’ll just have the numbers up in bunches now until they’re all up.

We’re really sorry!

(and yesterdays… sorry about the delay)

(via harrypotterhumor)

Sorry for missing yesterday’s numbers and posting today’s late! They’ll be up shortly.

Anonymous: do lines with no text count as lines?

No, we only counted the lines of words. If there is a blank line between paragraphs that doesn’t count in the line count.

If anyone has questions about whether the words they are getting are right, send us a message that we can respond to privately and we can let you know if you’re doing it right.

Good luck everyone :)